All roads are rough. That's how we think.

What we'd like you to feel is Stable and Comfort Ride for your pets.

The AirBuggy is not lightweight. 
The AirBuggy is not just a pet stroller repurposed by shrinking the size.
Because we believe that pet strollers are also the “vehicles”.
As long as it is a vehicle; riding comfort, drivability, safety are absolute requirements.
That’s why, we make no compromises for maximum safety and comfort when designing our pet strollers, 
from the stability achieved with our truss structure, 
the vibration absorption of the hollow form air tires, 
the sturdy frame, and even equipping hazard protection handbrakes.
It is duty for us to provide you the smooth, safety and comfort ride no matter how rough and strict roads are waiting for you. And that's what we researching and developing hard everyday.



The beauty of the AirBuggy is in its handling and light-as-air driving performance.
We have achieved very stable traveling by equipping all AirBuggys with high performance shock absorption air tires that have a cushioning effect utilizing air pressure, cushioning the impact received from all road surfaces such as asphalt and bumpy roads and more.


There is a technique for steering pet strollers.

That is why we continually develop our products as “easy to push”.

Pet Strollers maneuverability is much harder to develop than you would think. The truss structure of the AirBuggy maintains the power of forward motion, and exclusive to the AirBuggy, we were still able to achieve smooth and light pushing, as though floating on air.

The wheel part utilizes the same bearings used in automobiles. By greatly reducing the resistance, and suppressing the noise generated by the rotation of the wheel, we managed to achieve a highly comfortable ride for your pets.


Established 15 years ago. 
We are continually developing the triangular truss structure frame 
that prioritizes drivability and durability.


1, Triangular Truss Structure

From all the know-how we have cultivated as the pioneer of 3-wheeled pet strollers in Japan, we have designed the frame “for a more smooth and comfortable driving”.



 2, Welded Frame

By connecting the main aluminum part together through welding, we have achieved the highest level of durability among all the pet strollers.




 3, Front Wheel Rotating Tire

Amazing torque possible only with a front wheel that can rotate 360 degrees. Experience great maneuverability even in tight spaces.



 For both the person riding and the person driving, a comfortable ride is the basis of any vehicle. Because there is only one front wheel in our 3-wheeler style, changing direction can be done with simple intuitive handling. With the rigidity of the frame being enhanced through welding, the excellent durability has enable us to achieve a really comfortable ride with stable steering and very little creaking.



Braking is 
a crucial operational feature of safety.

For example, going downhill.

The pet strollers going in a downward direction is pulled by gravity, 
but the handbrake equipped AirBuggy 
gives you the ability to control speed right where your hands rest 
and lets you drive in safety. 
An even more crucial feature on a rainy or snowy day. 
AirBuggy Dome series
are equipped with brake parts co-developed with 
the trusted Japanese brand “KARASAWA”

1, Hand Brake

2, Internal Drum Brake




The pet stroller is a vehicle that carries within it a very small life.
That is why it is imperative that you take the utmost care in choosing one that has pursued the highest level of safety and comfort for you and your pets.
We at AirBuggy think of ourselves as a company that has answered that call above anything else.

Pets cannot choose their environment.
And pet strollers are themselves the environment.
Within that comfortable environment, pets can go out to many places with mom and dad.
Make lots of fun memories. That is our deepest desire.

We will take their time with you to find you the best product that fits your lifestyle.
And then, explain to you not just the advantages of the product, 
but also its disadvantages, and by doing so we believe that we will deepen our bonds of trust with you.

In order to achieve maximum comfort with our AirBuggy pet strollers, it is important to maintain tire pressure and such. Please don’t hesitate to utilize our professional store personnel and AirBuggy Support Desk.