Cool and comfortable – how to build a defense to heat.

It is said this summer must be warmer than usual.

It’s also important to keep our pets cool themselves other than protecting them from sunshine and geothermal using a useful pet cart for summer when we go out.

Today we would like to show 2 products as protection that can be used outside and inside of your house.


It's easy to carry and useable every day when walking pets.

This item with comfortable cushion and good feeling meshed cover is easy to use at any situation. It’s compact, excellent portability, and not only adjusting the temperature of inside of cot, but also cooling them by putting it under pets. The ice pack never gets frozen and solidified even though putting in the refrigerator, and is reusable many times. The cover is washable so that we can keep it clean.


     2. COOL MAT

by repeating function of observing heat from touching mat, and releasing heat from none-touching mat to the air, is able to keep cooling mat. Also, it’s easy on the wallet because you don’t have to cool mat in the refrigerator, or changing filling, the mat is also washable, so you can keep it always clean.


Both mats can be used for AIRBUGGY DOME SERIES and CUBE SERIES, it doesn’t matter which size of Cot for DOME series.


We hope everyone have safe and fun summer with their far family with using these mats.