Do you have the geothermal measurement for your dog in summer?

How are you and your pet in this hot hot summer?
We can say that the pet’s health is one of the most important thing we have to be careful in Summer to go out.
Did you know that the road’s temperature become twice as hot as we feel?
For example, if it’s 86℉ we feel, 172℉ is the road’s temperature.

Average temperature in August(Highest)

Florida: 92℉
New York: 83℉
Texas: 97℉
California: 91℉
The pets have to step on the road hot road without shoes to walk. So there is the risk to make their foot feeling burned or having dehydration.
However, it is really difficult for us to carry the heavy pets with our arms or the bags.

Using the pet strollers could be the perfect solution for this.

Our AIRBUGGY is designed to prevent your pet from the geothermal to make the cots high from the ground(21 inch).
And there is the pocket to put the refrigerant inside the cots.
So your pets can go out with keeping inside the comfortable room to use this pet stroller!
With the AIRBUGGY pet stroller, please have the best memories with your pets!