Buggy Shield can be the perfect measurement to prevent your pet from the Summer heat

It’s the hot summer out there and maybe your pet’s health would be concerned when you go out.
In this case, Buggy Shield could be the great measurement to prevent your pet from the strong sunshine or bugs in the summer.


Cover your pet with the roof.

Strong sunshine in the Summer is dangerous for both of the pets and their owner.
Heat could take your physical strength and strong UV can also harm it.
Because there is the risk like that, you should use the pet stroller which has the roof.
And it’s best if you can completely close it.
Our Dome 2 series roof have UPF50+ function and they protect the UV.
The mesh part of it can provide the air and release the heat if you have to close it.


Rain cover can provide the additional function of protecting bugs or virus.

You can equip the rain cover additionally to reduce the rain, bugs and virus to come inside the Cots.
However, heat and air can’t be released from the cots in that case so you need to take out the cover sometime at the safe place.
Our rain cover for Domes series have strong water resistant function and they can also prevent your pets from the rain, dirt and bugs to come inside the cots.
It is designed to be able to open from the center, so it allows you to access your pet easily whenever you want to.


One more tip.

Closing the roof completely or equipping the rain cover make the cot’s inside hot.
It is possible to protect the sunshine to close the roof but if it become hot inside the cot for long time, there is the risk of dehydration. Therefore, it is also important to make cool inside the cot.
We have to take care of the pet to look inside the cot often, and if they looks thirsty, please give them the drink and release the heat inside the cots. Placing the refrigerant is also the way to make your pets cool.
If you would like to release the heat inside the cots, we have the optional mesh roof.
Cool mesh mat can be also recommended to make the cot’s inside cool. It can be used many times to put the refrigerant into the refrigerator.
And you can put the drink bottle to the multi holder of our Dome 2 series for your pets.
To enjoy going out with your pets, stay safe and take care of their health with Buggy Shield.