SAFETY DRIVING - 3 important ideas to go out with your pets

Hi, Hope everyone who reading this article is doing well and stay healthy.
In this article, we have some ideas and the special offer to go out with your pets!
Because we are in the tough situation, it is really important for us to take care about our pets and here are some ideas from us!

1, Use the car as possible as you can.

Cars are the best way to make you and your pet’s own space when you go out.
There are the car seats to make your pet safer and comfortable.

2, Keep your pet away from the ground.

There are the dirt and viruses make you and your pets having health problem.
Carry your pet should be better idea if your pets are not so heavy.

3, Social distancing.

If your pets like to play with others, you should stop them at this situation.
If the other people or their pets have the virus, there is a risk to catch it.

Yes, the solution is the Pet Stroller!

Our pet stroller can carry the weighted pets and there is the safety lead and roof which prevent them from coming out.
Moreover, our cots can be easily removed from the frame to carry, and can be fixed as the car seat using the ISOFIX BELT for the safety.
For your safety trip, we will give you the ISOFIX BELT for free when you purchase the Cots or the Dome series(without S Plus size).